Google Lens, the future of Google

Google is a word that everyone knows and is very much aware of. It’s like a backup help for all our home works, assignments, vocabulary, spell checker and lot more. We all know  that if we are unable to find solutions or exact answers to our queries and failing  to get them from anywhere else, we’ll definitely find them once we “Google”. To start with let’s talk about this multinational technology company which specializes in internet related services.

Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996. Well, a very big thank you to these great minds for creating Google and bringing in our lives to make work much easier. Currently we have Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Google who is again one of the great mind’s in this company and is doing his job so well and successfully. Google offers service’s like online advertising technologies, cloud computing, hardware and software information, Search and lot more. To bring into notice I would like to quote that “technology is a compulsive and addictive way to live and it has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” So new changes on a daily basis are in process by including multiple options and new ideas for people like us so as to be more comfortable with internet and its facilities.

Google Lens

Recently Goggle’s CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai announced a new technology called Google Lens at Google’s I/O developer conference. The main idea of creating this new technology was to make our smart phone cameras understand what they see and take action. Sometimes what happens is we forget the actual names of some things like a flower or some animal breed and so on, so we try hard to figure out the name followed by its details but mostly fail to recall or figure out. So to help us with details immediately we have this new technology Google lens which will tell us all about the object we wish to search for.

So it works in such a way that we have to point our camera on a particular object we wish to shoot and when it comes in focus , its whole detail such as name, origin, colour, specie and lot more will be in front of us. For example:- If we point our camera on a flower, it will immediately identify he flower with its details and show to it us. Not only this, Google lens can connect us to our home Wi-fi network simply by snapping a photo of the sticker on our router. The lens will identify the username and password on the sticker and will offer us the option to tap a button and get connected automatically. Moving on, it has one more feature of pulling up the name, rating, other branches and business details by giving information from the card on which camera points. For example we wish to plan a trip and we need to know about the hotel reviews and other information, so all we need to do is point our camera on the business card or the hotel entrance board and we’ll get our desired details such as all its reviews, ratings, other branches and other business details.

 This technology works on this logic that it turns the camera from a passive tool which is just capturing the world around us to an interactive tool which not only captures but also gives the desired details. And a plus point to this invention is that Google lens has algorithms which will enhance the picture quality of photographs to next level, moreover clean them too. For example  if we are clicking a picture in low light, then it will automatically enhance the brightness of the picture. Not only this if we are clicking a picture of a child playing in the field then it will clean up the distortions and just focus on the boy.

So to sum up this invention, I would like to say this is by far the best innovation on internet and for the people who love clicking pictures. And it will create a great buzz as soon as it will become common among everyone.


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